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Responsible innovation and emerging technologies


Innovation is a key part of modern society. On one side, actors around the world are working to turn scientific discoveries into new products and tools; in reverse, it is clear that we need innovative solutions to the key challenges of our time. But it is also clear that many new technologies and developments have been developed (and are being developed) with little understanding or engagement with the diverse needs of society. 

This research theme explores key concepts in Responsible Innovation looking at what directions innovation should take and how it might be guided, and how can technological, socio-cultural, ethical and economic systems can be co-designed to structure transformative pathways in response to crisis.  

There are several pieces connected to this theme including the Responsible Innovation Lab, Science and Technology Studies (STS), and Science and Society Collaboratory. 



The project will surface congruences and incongruences in role constructions, and how scientists and judges navigate differences in their expected and actual tasks in legal proceedings.


  • Dr Will Grant
  • Professor Joan Leach

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For more information about this project please contact

For more information about this project please contact

For more information about this project please contact


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PhD Researcher


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How to start to address not just health disparities experienced by racial minorities but also issues of inclusivity, diversity, and representation in science communication.

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Dr Ehsan Nabavi ensures that technologies shaping people's everyday lives are responsible.

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The story of diet drugs is one full of miracle cures that don't live up to the hype or come with serious side effects. But will the future of diet drugs just end up looking a lot like the past?

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