Bachelor degrees

Seize the unique opportunity to study undergraduate courses in science communication as electives or as part of a Major or Minor in Science Communication.

Our courses mix practical science communication skills with science communication theory and research skills. They provide training in:

  • understanding the public, governments, journalists, lobby groups, and other science communication partners
  • delivering high quality written work and presentations about science, for diverse mediums
  • analysing the ways science and technology issues are communicated in the public and policy arenas
  • conducting science communication research
  • producing professional science communication materials, including:
    • science conferences
    • risk communication strategies
    • blog posts and social media communication
    • innovative approaches to science teaching
    • effective opinion pieces
    • engaging news articles.

Our courses allow you to learn more about human nature and the philosophy of science, placing science in the context of the everyday lives of people. They give you the opportunity to do original research into how science has been or should be communicated, and the chance to publicly communicate the science you are passionate about.

Science Communication Major

Add a Science Communication Major to your Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science (Advanced) (Honours), or Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) degree, to make science communication a significant component of your graduate skillset. This is a great way to prepare for an honours degree in science communication, which can potentially lead to enrolment in a PhD in science communication. Those students keen to take even more undergraduate science communication can add a Professional Science Engagement specialisation to their Science Communication Major.

Science Communication Minor

Add a Science Communication Minor or take science communication courses as electives in most degree programs offered by ANU. Science communication courses will add value to any study experience, broadening your horizons and improving your communication skills in general.

Science PhB Advanced Studies Course research project 

Science PhB students have the opportunity to undertake astrophysics research projects within an Advanced Studies course. Interested PhB students should contact the CPAS PhB Convenor, Dr Brad Tucker (, for more information.

Career opportunities

Your newly found skills will not limit your choices but will give you an added advantage when competing for science jobs.