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This diverse research theme focuses on the many facets of communication in the discussion and presentation of environmental science. 

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This research theme investigates the intersections between fiction, science and the public, where 'fiction' includes fictional stories told through film, television, radio, theatre, novels, short stories, comics and computer games.

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Communication about food is increasingly complex in a world of food-related controversies, amongst fad diets, foodborne illnesses, genetically modified organisms, food scarcity and more. 

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This research theme focuses on aspects of the communication of sciences that are interwoven with health and medical phenomena.

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Examining aspects of formal and informal science learning that contribute to people's attitudes and relationships to science.

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Business network concept.

This research theme explores key issues affecting science communication within and between organisations, with a focus on understanding these relationships. 

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Street art mural "Inspire Growth" describes the natural process of reusing coffee grounds to grow new life of mushrooms.

Collaborations between people in the arts and sciences are constantly producing new knowledges and finding new ways to engage people with both the arts and the sciences. 

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Testing specific elements of science communication theory and its relationship to practice.

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This research theme examines the intersections of science, the media and the public.

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Investigating the nature of communications between governments and scientific research.

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