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We have had time to reflect, to hear from you, to plan and to innovate. With this, we wanted to lay out our approach to teaching after COVID-19, driven by our focus on you as students.

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Seize the unique opportunity to study undergraduate courses in science communication as electives or as part of a Major or Minor in Science Communication.

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The Honours Specialisation in Science Communication is a unique opportunity to investigate how an aspect of science that you are passionate about has been communicated.

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Taught by some of Australia’s leading science communicators, our Masters programs combine theoretical and practical aspects of science communication.

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A PhD or research Masters in science communication is an essential pathway for students pursuing an academic career in this discipline.

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CPAS offers world class undergraduate and postgraduate education in science communication.

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CPAS staff regularly run science communication short courses.

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This list details past and present research projects conducted at CPAS that are open to students. It provides a good indication of the nature of science communication as well as the breadth of research topics that can be broached in this discipline.

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Studying science communication at ANU is a lifetime experience. Find out why directly from our students.

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Find out about the latest science communication internship opportunities.

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CPAS offers a number of specific prizes. Each of the prizes listed below was established to recognise students who demonstrated their mastery of science communication knowledge and skills.

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