CPAS regularly records our seminars and other events, which you can listen to here. The Wholesome Show is Dr Rod Lamberts and Dr Will Grant, exploring a new topic from the world of research each week. CPAS also supports other podcast creators via our Podcast Studio.

Other podcasts

Some of our newly created podcasts include:

Two women side-hugging with their unlinked arm reaching outwards and smiling. With pink and orange background and white text above them that reads, "SCI_BURST Popular Culture and Science podcast

Sci_Burst podcast is about science, popular culture and entertainment! Hosted by CPAS alum Isabel Richards and CPAS Honours students Ella McCarthy, these two science communicators and Sci-fi nerds dive into the multiverse of science fun! Episodes cover everything from science in film and video games to comics, music, toys and beyond. Check the podcast out by clicking here.




Sketch of a women from 17th century in pink and purple headphones. Text at the bottom of the image that reads, To be continued a lost literature podcast.

To be continued podcast is dives into the heart of Australia’s hidden literary past and unearth literature gems from the 19th to early 20th-century newspapers. This series presents a curated collection tales in a lively ‘read and react’ format – Talented actors breathe life into these lost tales, followed by insightful discussions helmed by host Dr Rod Lamberts. Each episode offers a fresh perspective on the historical and contemporary relevance of these long-forgotten stories. Listen to the latest episode by clicking here. 


Podcast Studio

The CPAS Podcast Studio is open to staff and students throughout ANU (not just scientists!) to record and grow podcast series.

Yellow background with black sketch of multiple people all connected via headphones and microphones.