The following is a list CPAS publications for the last 10 years. For older publications please visit the archive page. When working with government and industry partners, CPAS researchers often publish formal research reports outside the peer-reviewed literature to enhance their accessibility to stakeholders and publics. Read more about CPAS research reports.


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  • Smith, C. (2017). A case study of crowdsourcing imagery coding in natural disasters. In S. Hai-Jew (ed.) Data Analytics in Digital Humanities, Springer, pp. 2017-230.
  • Stocklmayer, S.M. & Rennie, L.J. (2017). The attributes of informal science education: A science communication perspective. In P.G. Patrick (ed.), Preparing Informal Science Educators: Perspectives from Science Communication and Education. Switzerland: Springer, pp. 527-544.

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