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Where can studying Science Communication take you? »

 Watch to hear the lecturers of the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science introduce themselves and our science communication courses, including assessment details and opportunities for research and real-world experience.

Communicating Science: A Global Perspective hits 10,000+ downloads »

The book Communicating Science. A Global Perspective has just set a record at ANU Press. As of Tuesday morning, there were 10,617 downloads.

COVID-19 and science communication: a JCOM special issue »

We invite you to check the JCOM special issue — the first of two parts —, which looks at the challenges of communicating COVID-19 and coronavirus in the early spread of the disease in 2020. We present papers from across the world that demonstrate the scale of this challenge.

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We conduct research into diverse topics pertinent to science communication theory and practice.

Professional short courses »

Whether would like to add value to your science, learn how to simply explain your research, be more relaxed during your public presentations or simply hone your communication skills, attend a CPAS short course.