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UNESCO Chair in Science Communication for the Public Good

The aim of this UNESCO Chair is to connect, integrate and exchange knowledge about nature, equity and prosperity in meaningful and transformative ways.

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Sujatha Raman, Ph.D
Chair Holder
Abigail Hils
Senior Administrative Officer


Science today offers us two radically different narratives about our future.

  • The crisis narrative invokes an impending or already unfolding planetary upheaval and a future marked by massive social dislocation and environmental breakdown.
  • The breakthrough narrative promises a future in which technological innovation will have averted planetary collapse and secured human dominion over nature.

This UNESCO Chair responds to the urgent need for meaningful dialogue on these imagined futures being communicated by science and the different visions of transformation they have sparked. Our program of research, training and knowledge exchange explores how knowledge (both formal and informal) about the state of the environment, social relations and techno-economic systems come together in these narratives.

The crisis narrative has stimulated much work on ways of transforming social and economic systems to accommodate planetary limits.

The breakthrough narrative by contrast signals hopes for transforming nature and restoring the planet without the need for major social or economic change.

But how do different people in the academy, civil society, government, business, the media, the professions or in everyday life make sense of these narratives, bring evidence to bear on their assessments and envision implications for the future?

We aim to work with culturally embedded concepts of public or common good to convene conversations on these issues in the face of diverse forms of knowledge, experience and values. 

Our / The Vision

UNESCO Chairs serve as prime vehicles for building higher institutions' capacity in specific areas of scholarship through exchange, collaboration, knowledge transfer and sharing in the spirit of international solidarity.

Working in the Asia-Pacific region and connecting with partners elsewhere in the world, this Chair contributes to UNESCO’s work in fostering inclusive ways of bringing science, engineering, technology and innovation (SETI) to bear on the Sustainable Development Goals.



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Chair Holder

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Director of Research
UNESCO Chair Holder


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Senior Administration Officer, UNESCO
Communications and Outreach Coordinator, CPAS

Associate Director of Science and Education

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Senior Lecturer


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PhD Researcher

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Research Fellow

Christer de Silva

PhD Researcher

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Research Fellow

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PhD Researcher


Headshot of Rini Astuti

Embark on the inspiring journey of Dr. Rini Astuti as she navigates the realms of academia and activism, driving impactful research at the intersection of climate justice and public engagement.

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A model of socialisation of science-policy, incorporating drivers of contextualisation. The model is three smaller circles connected via arrow inside a larger circle. The three circles are 'Scientific research and its products', 'policy interface', and 'societal impacts'.

Read blog from PhD Researcher Indy Strudwicke on reshaping science communication and engaging scientists and policymakers with the public. 

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Cover of a publication, blue background with pink contour lines. White text in the middle that reads, 'THE CONTEXTUALIZATION DEFICIT: Reframing Trust in Science for Multilateral Policy'

When trust in science is compromised, the capacity for cohesive global policy action is further diminished. How can the multilateral policy interface engage effectively with science in ways trusted by populations?

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