Bangle (Bernice) Wu

PhD Researcher
BA (Communication), MSc in Management (natural resources management)

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Bangle (Bernice) Wu is currently a PhD candidate in science communication at CPAS. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Beijing Jiaotong University and Master’s degree in Renmin University of China. With a bi-disciplinary background, her research interest focus on the environmental issues from a perspective of science-society-politics relations. Her current research focuses on the knowledge, risks and public trust towards drinking water system in comparative contexts, aims to empirically explore the knowledge generating and sharing network in different regulatory contexts in order to gain insights about how to build a better water future.


Research interests

  • Sociology of knowledge, science & risks
  • Regulatory science and epistemic governance
  • Science and society
  • Drinking water, environmental pollution & public health


Huang.B.W., Wu B.L. (2020) The framing and discourse analysis of organic food in China. Studies in Dialectics of Nature.

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