A group of students walking down the stairs

Teaching approach

The lecturers and tutors as well as administrative staff in CPAS recognise that 2020 and 2021 were extraordinary years. Alongside our students, we all learned a lot, responded to a series of disruptive events and quickly rose to the challenges Covid-19 pressed upon our teaching and scholarship. As you know, the university will continue to adopt a hybrid model for teaching in light of the fact that we are still in a pandemic. Before semester 1 2023, we have had time to reflect, to hear from you, to plan and to innovate. With this, we wanted to lay out our approach to teaching for 2023, driven by our focus on you as students.

Interaction and Engagement

CPAS is well known for engaging seminars, practical activities and hands-on workshops.  This won’t change!  Even in our fully online courses, we’ve added interactive components and opportunities for students to engage with issues in groups and one on one.  Our recorded content has been curated and produced with student engagement in mind and your responses to that content are central to our teaching.


2020-2022 reminded us that communicating regularly, in a timely fashion, and with clarity is the foundation of a good relationship between students and academic and administrative staff.  One other thing we’re always trying to do, is clarify and simplify the channels of communication between the student and us.  We will be ready to respond about academic matters and to support you if you have issues while studying at CPAS.


At CPAS, we use technology to enhance education, not complicate it.  We recognise that there are many platforms and tools that can be used in teaching, and we are prepared to use what is pedagogically appropriate—and make sure you feel confident on the platforms where you do your learning. Our hybrid model of face-to-face and online delivery will reflect this commitment. 


Recent events have encouraged us to take a broader view of our entire community’s wellbeing.  We want you to feel supported while you study with us.  When we can’t offer the help you need, we can help you find it.  We want you to join our commitment to persistence, patience, and compassion as we work together to learn, develop new ideas, and find out new things about the world.