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Science communication and the web


What is happening with science communication on the web? This intensive course explores the weird wild west of social media and science communication

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Professional short course


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*Will not be offered in 2024.  

Social media have changed the way we communicate science across the globe. But are you using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the rest to optimum effect?

This short course will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to create an effective web presence for your science.

Note: If you are an ANU student wanting to take this course for credit, please see here for postgraduates and here for undergraduates.

This short, five-day intensive course will run from Monday, 26 June to Friday, 30 June 2023 both in person at the ANU Australian Centre for the Public Awareness of Science and online via Zoom. 

The course, without assessment and not for ANU credit, is run concurrently and registered through Eventbrite. Enrol through Eventbrite now to book your place.

This course is taught both online and in person.

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