Understanding climate change framing in an Australian context

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of the 21st century and requires effective communication to promote positive action aimed at avoiding the adverse effects of anthropogenic climate change.

My research will investigate the different framings of climate change in the Australian context with discrete but linking projects aimed at gaining understanding and best practice for promoting action. Framing involves emphasising certain aspects of an issue over others in order to tailor a message for an audience, making it more salient.

I will be undertaking a mixed-methodology approach, collating large literature bodies and interacting with communicators to develop a deep and rich understanding of effective climate change framing in Australia.

I will be engaging with communicators to help address the difficulties of climate communication and ensure my research is applicable and useful for people working in climate communication.  

Supervisors: Dr Will Grant (CPAS), Dr Bec Colvin (Crawford)

Advisors: Dr Chris Cvitanovic (CPAS), Dr Iain Walker (University of Canberra)