Ideologies of science in 'Doctor Who'

This project involves ongoing analysis of ideologies of science within the long-running science fiction television series, Doctor Who (1963-89, 2005-present). The project follows from Lindy Orthia's PhD research project entitled Enlightenment was the Choice: Doctor Who and the Democratisation of Science.

Publications and presentations so far emerging from this project are:

  • Orthia L.A. & Morgain R. (2016) The gendered culture of scientific competence: A study of scientist characters in Doctor Who 1963-2013. Sex Roles. Prepublished online 2 March 2016. doi: 10.1007/s11199-016-0597-y
  • Orthia L. (1 November 2013) The Doctors, the Daleks and the dangerous to know: Doctor Who's mad scientists. Presentation at SciNight - Science Fiction, Questacon.
  • Orthia L.A. (2013) Savages, science, stagism and the naturalized ascendancy of the Not-We in Doctor Who. In L. Orthia (ed.) Doctor Who and Race. Bristol: Intellect Books, pp. 269-287.
  • Orthia L. (4 May 2013) Doctor Who - science win or science fail? Presentation to the Canberra Skeptics, CSIRO Discovery.
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  • Orthia L.A. (2011) “Paradise is a little too green for me”: Discourses of environmental disaster in Doctor Who 1963-2010. Colloquy 21: online.
  • Orthia L.A. (2011) Antirationalist critique or fifth column of scientism? Challenges from Doctor Who to the mad scientist trope. Public Understanding of Science 20: 525-542.
  • Orthia L.A. (2011) Cross-dressing blokes can’t reason; man-hating chicks can’t weld: The gender politics of incompetent scientist characters in Doctor Who. Paper presented at PopCAANZ 2nd Annual International Conference, Auckland, New Zealand, June 29-July 1 2011.
  • Orthia L.A. (2010) The ginger temp’s deficient brain: Doctor Who and public engagement with science. Paper presented at Aussiecon4: 68th World Science Fiction Convention, Melbourne, September 2-6 2010.
  • Orthia L.A. (2010) “Paradise is a little too green for me”: Discourses of environmental disaster in Doctor Who, 1963-present. Paper presented at Changing the Climate: Utopia, Dystopia and Catastrophe, Monash University, Melbourne, August 30-September 1 2010.
  • Orthia L.A. (2010) “Sociopathetic abscess” or “yawning chasm”? The absent postcolonial transition in Doctor Who. Journal of Commonwealth Literature 45: 207-225.
  • Orthia L. (27 January 2010) Queer scientists in television science fiction. Diffusion.