How the sitcom The Big Bang Theory influences audience perceptions of science and scientists

Since the end of 2007, the American situation comedy The Big Bang Theory has become one of the most loved shows around the globe. The show revolves around two physicists, Leonard (experimental) and Sheldon (theoretical), and how they cope with everyday life. Their neighbour, Penny, is an average girl working as a waitress/actress and very much the opposite of Leonard and Sheldon on both the intellectual and social scales. Howard (aerospace engineer) and Rajesh (astrophysicist) are the friends of Leonard and Sheldon who also share the displacement in interaction styles. In the most recent season of the show (season four), two female scientists are included as regulars, Bernadette (microbiologist) and Amy (neurobiologist) .

The project will include two sections:

  • The science of The Big Bang Theory
  • The scientists of The Big Bang Theory