Communicating endometriosis to young women to decrease diagnostic time

This project was about gauging the understanding of endometriosis in the population of young women, 16-25 years.

Endometriosis is a disease that effects one in ten women, where the lining of the uterus that is expelled each month with menstruation is found growing in the pelvic cavity, such as on the bladder and ovaries. This disease often causes severe pain and can lead to infertility.

The time it takes to diagnose the disease is long as endometriosis is very hard to detect. It was my foresight to try and understand how much young women knew about endometriosis and how best to raise awareness. Raising awareness for the disease is crucial to help decrease the time it takes to diagnose.

It was discovered that there is little awareness among young women, and the best means for raising awareness is through school programs and the Internet, specifically describing the disease, signs and symptoms, and who is at risk.

The work was published in the Health Promotion Journal of Australia in 2013.