Podcast Studio

The CPAS Podcast Studio is open to staff and students throughout ANU (not just scientists!) to record and grow podcast series. Your success is our success: we want to help you make the biggest and best podcast series in the world.  

What we provide

  • The CPAS Podcast Studio is set up as a four mic desk (expandable under certain circumstances to six mics). We’ve got mics, memory cards, a multi-track recorder and the desk and the room. All you’ll need to bring is yourselves (and a computer to edit and upload). The room and equipment will continue to evolve into the future - if there’s stuff that would really help your podcast series, let us know and we’ll think about it! The equipment has to stay in the room, it can’t be taken out (sorry).
  • The room will start as a business hours room, but over time we are happy to discuss out of hours access.
  • We’re also very keen to provide advice and guidance, on story-telling, brand, recording techniques and sound engineering - or anything else you’re wondering about.

Who can use it

  • The Podcast Studio is open to staff and students throughout ANU, in any discipline or area. Got a podcast concept? We’re here to help!
  • Boring grown up stuff: we will reserve the right to refuse access to the room if you’re naughty / planning to record anything odious. More precisely: we’ll expect everyone to follow the ANU Code of Conduct. 

How to book and use

  • Firstly, reach out to Will Grant (will.grant@anu.edu.au) to chat about how it’ll work and how to book. 
  • The room is bookable via the a Google Calendar: http://bit.ly/2FiK6es. Lodge a request, and it’ll come to Will for approval.
  • For your first (and potentially later) recording sessions, we’re very keen to sit in / sit nearby and help out. Let us know what you’re planning!