Science communication at the College of Science Awards and Scholarships night

16 October 2019

Congratulations to our science communication students who were honoured last week at the ANU College of Health & Medicine and the College of Science annual Prizes, Awards & Scholarships Presentation Ceremony.

Lamis Kazak, Sue Stocklmayer Prize for Science Communication Major

This year's winner of the Sue Stocklmayer Prize for Science Communication Major is Lamis Kazak. The award recognises academic excellence in science communication studies, and honours our previous Director Emeritus Professor Sue Stocklmayer. 

Amber Condell, First Year Science Communication Prize

Amber Condell was the winner of the First Year Science Communication Prize, awarded for the highest aggregate mark in two first year science communication courses. 

Amber said it was really unexpected to win an award. 

"I just really love science communication and sharing cool new research with family and friends through creative writing," Amber said.

"I think it's really important to make research more accessible."

Jessica Holley, Chris Bryant and Mike Gore Prize for Science Outreach

Shani Horii-Watson, Chris Bryant and Mike Gore Prize for Science Outreach

Two students, Jessica Holley and Shani Horii-Watson, were the joint winners of the Chris Bryant and Mike Gore Prize for Science Outreach, awarded for excellence in a science outreach-oriented assignment completed by an undergraduate student in a science communication course.

The prize honours Chris Bryant, who during his period as ANU Dean of Science founded the program that became the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science, and Mike Gore, the ANU academic who founded Questacon - The National Science and Technology Centre.

The collaboration between the ANU and Questacon in the 1980s marked the beginning of the institutionalisation of public science outreach activities by ANU science students, which continues in ANU science communication courses in the twenty-first century.

Shani said her science communication courses always stood out as some of her favourites. 

"They give me an opportunity to use my creative side," she said.

The prize was awarded for a SCOM3012 Science Communication and the Web joint project of Facebook videos looking at the science of napping — for adults who miss nap time. 

Shani says the project would not have developed the way it did without the support of course convenor Dr Will Grant. 

"Will continuously pushed us to embrace the unconventional medium and subject matter of this project, and encouraged us to think outside the box," she said. 

"I truly enjoyed making the Science of Napping and I feel very privileged to be recognised with this award." 

See more information about our Science Communication prizes on the ANU website.