March CPAS Top Stories

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Thursday, 30 Mar 2023

There are ton of great events happening every month with industry, government, academia and more. It’s impossible for any one person to attend all of them. Here were a few great events or meetups that you might have missed: 

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1. ANU Open Day 2023!
With over 10,000 people registered from around Australia and internationally, this year's Open Day was a major success. 

Academics chatted with Year 11 & Year 12 students and their families from 9am to 3pm on Saturday 18 March 2023. Conversations were around responsible innovation, science communication for public good, media and popular science, capacity-building in science engagement, the ethics of science communication, and the role of science communication in emerging areas of science, technology, and medicine. 

To learn more about Open Day or what CPAS offers for undergraduates, click here:

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2. Kakishibu workshop

For one of our weekly CPAS Seminars, we explored the versatility of Kakishibu!

Professor Kei Kano demonstrated a simple Japaneses STEM experiment. Participants tested the strength of two different nets (one paper scoop and one dipped in Kakishibu) to scoop out bouncy balls. Kakishibu naturally strengthens fibre and gives it durability, perfect for waterproofing and scooping up bouncy balls. 

For centuries Kakishibu, a fermented tannin dye derived from persimmons has been used in Japan by local craftsmen for all kinds of utilitarian uses. From fishing nets to the varnish of their houses, Kakishibu is not only versatile but holds many incredible natural properties such as insect repellent and anti-molding.

In the advent of the industrial revolution, the use of Kakishibu started to fade - it has now been discovered by many for its unique tones and interesting characteristics. We loved it! 

You can watch the full workshop demonstration here:

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3. PCST 2023 Conference

The Pacific Conference for Science and Technology (PCST) 2023 Conference will be held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands from 12 to 14 April, with a pre-conference day on 11 April 2023. 

The main theme of PCST 2023 is ‘Creating Common Ground’. This theme signifies the role and value of science communication as boundary work that connects scientists, engineers, policymakers, business leaders and citizens.

A load of CPAS Researchers will be at the conference, find out who, when and where here:

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