Cross-Cultural Science Communication Summer School: A Transformative Experience in Canberra

Publication date
Wednesday, 7 Feb 2024

Over two weeks, 13 students and academic staff from Beihang University and Suzhou University in China undertook a summer school in science communication with The Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science (CPAS). 

Drawing on CPAS’s diverse team with deft cross-cultural assistance from CPAS PhD student Bernice Wu, the program included sessions on responsible innovation, science shows and hands-on workshops, science politics, misinformation, risk, ethics, film and popular culture, media, science centres, environmental communication, and more – with a strong emphasis on climate change and cross-cultural exchange.

The students also took in local culture and saw the sights of Canberra, experiencing Australia Day events and the different perspectives towards it, and enjoying Australian animals during a guided evening walk with CPAS partner Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary.

At the end of the two week, participant’s final presentations gave glowing reviews, connecting the program content with their studies in science journalism, communication and education. To the delight of the CPAS team, many participants proposed new activities and initiatives they plan to implement when they return home.

We wish the cohort well and hope to see some of them back to undertake a Master of Science Communication or PhD!


Photos: Nic Vevers, College of Science.