Science. Art. Film Series 2 - Contagion

Presented by the NFSA, Australian National Centre for the Public Communication of Science, and the HRC, SCIENCE. ART. FILM is a new series that uncovers wacky, weird and wonderful facets of science and art in films – in discussion with artists, ANU scholars from different disciplines and film fans, including… you!

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1 Sep 2022 | 6pm

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Series #2 of 4
Film screening and discussion
Thursday 1 September, 6pm
Arc cinema, NFSA
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Discussion topic: Beware the bat in the pig farm...

While we have all certainly had our fill of viruses in our everyday lives over the past few years, there has not been enough cross-disciplinary, science-based debate about our cultural fantasies about infectious diseases and why they play a significant role in our current pandemic. Together with ANU virologist Professor David Tscharke and Professor Meru Sheel (University of Sydney) we will watch "Contagion" and discuss both the actual science and the general "mood" or feel of pandemic times - and what it means that films about viruses have an uncanny attraction.


Speakers: Professor David Tscharke, Professor Meru Sheel, and Dr Anna-Sophie Jürgens


1 McCoy Circuit
Acton, Australian Capital Territory, 2601

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