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Thursday 23 March, Professor Kei Kano will demonstrate a Japanese culturally relevant STEM workshop with fermented persimmon juice and green tea.

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23 Mar 2023 | 12 - 1pm
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Professor Kei Kano
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Free, just bring your lunch. 


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Welcome to the CPAS 2023 Seminar Series!


About the talk -- Demonstration of Japanese culturally relevant STEM workshops for diverse children and their parents: Fermented Persimmon Juice and Green Tea

This demonstration deals with two Japanese culturally relevant science and technology. One is fermented persimmon juice, called “Kaki-shibu” in Japanese, which has properties such as waterproof, anti-insects, anti-bacteria, anti-virus, deodorization, burn medicine, and high blood pressure prevention. “Kaki-shibu” technology declined soon after plastic technology became popular, but it is beginning to revive in the context of SDGs. Another is Japanese green tea, called “Sencha” or “Gyokuro” in Japanese, which includes much more umami than other countries’ green tea.

Under the background of Culturally Relevant Education (CRE) Theory and Situated Expectancy-Value Theory (SEVT), I try to foster and evaluate participants’ (parents’ and students’) learning in STEM, cultural competence, and sociopolitical consciousness through these workshops. My main target audience of these practices is people with social barriers to entering STEM fields, such as women or the deaf community. Japan is the worst country in OECD countries from the viewpoint of female entrants into universities of STEM fields.

Please come and enjoy Japanese traditional science and technology. You can touch the power of Kaki-shibu and taste umami of true Japanese green tea. I would like to get early feedback from the viewpoint of implementing the workshops in Australia as part of science week events. 


About the speaker

Kei Kano is a professor at the Science Communication Laboratory, Faculty of Education, Shiga University, Japan. He is also a director of the NISSAN Global Foundation and a director of the Japanese Society of Science Education. His research and practice are focused on inclusive, culturally relevant science communication/public engagement with women and deaf community. He has also been involved in the production of science education TV programs by NHK, “Think like a crow-Scientific method-” and “Scientific Viewpoint.


1.30 Green couch room, Peter Baume Building 42a, Acton ACT 2601

-35.275637687401, 149.11759302653

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