Mapping citizen science in Australia

This research project aims to map citizen science in Australia and determine its diverse goals, stakeholders and practices.

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As a rapidly growing field, citizen science which involves non-experts in active scientific research, is attracting much interest from scientist, governments and publics, worldwide. In Australia alone, hundreds of citizen science projects exist with over 100,000 participants contributing to scientific data collection, classification and analysis. This research aims to map and characterise citizen science in Australia, determine its diverse goals and practices, and design ways for benefiting all citizen science stakeholders. This research will inform citizen science theory and practice, promote the understanding of citizen science potential to enhance science communication and increase public engagement with science, and contribute to design and assessment strategies geared towards optimal and diverse citizen science outcomes.

Initial results from this research highlight the unique characteristics of Australian citizen science and illustrate its wide scope, practices and community orientation. Read the participant report here.

The research was covered by Inspiring Australia.



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