Tanya Wilkins

Tanya Wilkins
PhD Researcher
Bach of Business (Commercial Law), Masters of Communication

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As a promoter of genuine communication and engagement, Tanya is an advocate for the experts in these new days of ‘google-fuelled online warriors’. She has worked with an adaptation and resilience knowledge exchange network based out of the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford and the Australian Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre. Recently she worked directly with business leaders at the chamber of commerce to understand the motivations of the business community when it comes to net-zero and sustainability. 

One of her more innovative communication projects has been a climate change murder/mystery game (see Publications for further details).

Her masters thesis explored the journey that climate change communication has taken to increase public understanding. This included the influences of communication methods, psychology, and the media.

Aside from her academic and professional interests, Tanya is Mum to a 'spirited' teen daughter, hangs onto her dream of being published in The New Yorker one day, and is an avid recycler.



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