Karina Judd

BAdvSci (Geosciences) (Hons), UNSW; MSciComm (Outreach), ANU
PhD Researcher

After growing up in regional NSW, Karina studied environmental geology at UNSW Sydney, specialising in soil and mineral chemistry. One research project on a Bulgarian archaeology dig and a run-in with grave robbers later, Karina completed her Honours in geology showcasing soil chemistry techniques as a useful tool in identifying past tsunami. She then went on to complete her Masters at ANU in Science Communication (Outreach), travelling with the Questacon Science Circus.

Karina spent several years working professionally for Questacon and later ANU in a variety of outreach, communications and event management roles, before returning to CPAS to commence a PhD evaluating the perceptions of the purposes and effectiveness of equity and diversity policies in STEM workplaces.

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