Dr Chris Yardley

PhD Graduate
BSc (Civil Engineering), Leeds University, Master of Science Communication, ANU, PhD (science communication), ANU

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After graduating from The University of Leeds, Chris was lucky enough to join an embryo computer industry in the UK and spent 45 years selling computer systems. He remembers the days when he sold mainframe hardware and the software and support came for free.

Chris is a Chartered Engineer, Chartered IT Professional, Chartered Information Systems Engineer and a member of the British Computer Society. He worked in 4 different countries before arriving in Australia in 1989. He moved to Canberra in 1999 to project manage a Y2K project within the Ministry of Health - remember Y2K?

After spending three years writing his work history, which turned out to be a social history, he applied to CPAS to understand how to rewrite the tone from a scientific perspective. The research question for his Masters sub-thesis was, 'How effective are the electronic road signs advising ACT residents of yesterday's water usage as a medium of science communication?'

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