Underwater Craft Lab: student exhibit at Dickson Library

The Underwater Craft lab
18 January 2018

CPAS alumni Phoebe Armitage has created an "Underwater Craft Lab" currently on display in the Dickson library.

The display is a collection of 40 handmade puppets, each one a realistic representation of a different sea creature.

The tactile display is aimed at young children and their families, and hopes to encourage a love of the ocean.

Dickson Library has been thrilled to host the Underwater Craft Lab and said that children have been really engaged with it. Their supply of ocean themed books has been flying off the shelves.

The Underwater Craft Lab was developed and designed as part of the SCOM8007 exhibition design course offered by CPAS. Students are tasked with developing an exhibition or event to communicate any science topic to any audience. 

"It was a wonderful opportunity to create something completely unique, I've never been given that kind of freedom in any other uni course," said Ms Armitage. 

"My favourite part of creating the display was challenging myself to move beyond crochet and use the laser cutter in the ANU MakerSpace to cut my seaweeds. It was interesting to learn a new skill, and the other users of the space were great to bounce ideas off."

Phoebe Armitage

Topics tackled by last year's students ranged from mental health, and neuroplasticity, through to the science of food and roller-coasters. The audiences ranged from preschoolers through to retirees. 

Previous alumni of the course have created successful businesses from their projects. 

"The experience of creating my own exhibition from scratch, and then getting the libraries on board to display it has been invaluable. There are some things you can only learn by doing." 

Underwater Craft Lab

Ms Armitage plans to take the Underwater Craft Lab up to Sydney after it leaves Dickson in January, and hopes it will continue to grow with workshops.

You can keep up with the Underwater Craft Lab on Twitter and Facebook.