Science communication across the world

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Wednesday, 15 Apr 2020
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Toss Gascoigne delivered a keynote speech at "A Ciência da Divulgação Científica" (The Science of Science Communication) last month. 

The conference was organized by the National Institute of Public Communication of Science and Technology at Fiocruz.

In his interview, Gascoigne expands on the making of his upcoming book Communicating Science: A Global Perspective, which comprises of chapters written by science communicators in different countries across the world, including Brazil. 

"The hotel was at Copacabana, the conference at the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, and COVID was barely a thought bubble, so what’s not to like?" said Toss Gascoigne. 

Luisa Massarani, the organiser, co-authored the chapter on Brazil in Communicating Science: A Global Perspective.

You can view the whole interview on YouTube

The book Communicating Science: A Global Perspective is available for pre-order from ANU Press.