Science and Democracy Network at Harvard

16 September 2019

At the end of August, Associate Professor Sujatha Raman and students Dr Christiane Gerblinger and Samantha Vilkins travelled to Harvard for the annual meeting of the Science and Democracy Network. 

The Science and Democracy Network (SDN) was established in 2002 to enhance the quality and significance of scholarship in science and technology studies (STS) by training young professionals and by forging links between STS and related fields of study and practice, such as anthropology, political science, international relations, and law.

This was the first time an Australian contingent had joined the annual meeting, and it was a great experience for all on knowledge sharing and discovering connections. 

CPAS presentations:

Sujatha Raman (Australian National University), Roda Madziva (University of Nottingham), and Joan Leach (Australian National University)

The Uses of Uncertainty: Communicating Expert Evidence of Radiological Age Assessment at the Border in the UK and Australia

Christiane Gerblinger (Australian National University)

The Language of the Rebuffed: A Critical Appraisal of how Policy Officials Communicate Expertise

Samantha Vilkins (Australian National University)

Forging Stable Numbers from Political Controversy: The Case of the 2017 Australia Marriage Equality Plebiscite