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Responsible Innovation Hackathon

Publication date
Tuesday, 30 May 2023

The 3rd rHack (Responsible Innovation Hackathon) organized by RI-Lab in collaboration with the Canberra Innovation Network was held on Thursday and Friday, May 28-29, 2023. The event brought together over 180 graduate students from the ANU's engineering and computer science programs to tackle challenges while promoting responsible solutions. The challenges were divided into two streams: (1) ChatGPT and (2) Citizen Science, in collaboration with CSIRO, the Atlas of Living Australia.

Traditionally, hackathons have mostly focused on technological innovation, often overlooking the social, ethical, and environmental aspects. Recognizing the need for a shift in this approach, the rHack event aimed to revolutionize the hackathon concept by encouraging participants to not only develop solutions but also consider their broader impacts.

The emphasis on responsible innovation meant that participants were required to think about the social, ethical, and environmental implications of their solutions. Throughout the event, participants had the opportunity to receive mentorship from over 10 mentors from industry and academia. The event ended with inspiring pitches from each team. The judging panel, consisting of experts from various fields, selected the winning teams based not only on their technical excellence but also on their commitment to addressing social, ethical, and environmental concerns.

Overall, responsible innovation hackathons offer a platform for participants to contribute to meaningful solutions, develop their skills, and foster a responsible and ethical approach to innovation. By addressing real-world challenges with a focus on societal impact, these hackathons have the potential to drive positive change and inspire participants to become responsible innovators in their respective fields.