Rainbow array of different science research by color, represent the LGBTQIA2S+ community.

Queering Science Communication: Representations, Theory, and Practice

Publication date
Sunday, 30 Apr 2023
Book cover for Queering Science Communication

A book on queer themes and science communication is timely, if not well overdue. LGBTIQA+ people have unique contributions to make and issues to meet through science communication. So, bringing ‘queer’ and ‘science communication’ together is an important step for queer protest, liberation, and visibility. This collection examines the place of queer people within science communication and asks what it means for the field to ‘queer’ science communication practice, theory and research agendas. Written by leading names in the field, it offers concrete examples for academics, students and practitioners who strive to foster radical inclusivity and equity in science communication.

Read the chapter by Postdoctoral Fellow Dr John Noel M. Viaña and PhD Researcher Christer de Silva here