Newly Launched POPSICULE!

Publication date
Thursday, 4 Aug 2022


Discover our POPSICULE website and... go pop! 

The POPSICULE is an open, community-based interdisciplinary platform created by the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science. The POPSICULE community explores the cultural meanings of science with the aim to better understand how pop cultural narratives about science have affected the public discourse and understanding of science, and thus our science-society relationship.

Pop culture is where collective science understandings are created, and it is a versatile frame for interpreting our relationship with science and technology. Popular cultural products -- such as fictional films or comic book stories -- and popular entertainment -- including circus and comedy shows -- are vehicles of science communication. They reflect ideas and fantasies about science, but also shape public perceptions and attitudes towards science by forming, cultivating or reinforcing the cultural meanings of science. To better understand these cultural meaning-making processes (and their results), the POPSICULE explores the representations and dynamics of science and scientists in fiction, entertainment and popular media.  

If you are an academic, artist, science communicator, student or maverick, join us in discovering, inspiring and exciting the public imagination about science! We offer lectures, symposia, courses, public events, spectacles, field trips, publications, films and more. The POPSICULE provides exciting opportunities and resources for students and anyone interested in investigating science in and as popular entertainment and popular culture. 

Explore the website to learn more about our research and public events, creative science communication products and collaborative adventures at the science-culture interface and follow us on Twitter @ANU_Popsicule

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Popsiculist-in-chief Dr Anna-Sophie Jürgens or send an email to

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