Moon Week at ANU

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Monday, 12 Aug 2019
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Moon Week at ANU was a huge success. With over 7000 people across the four days, we had visitors from all around Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Albury, Katherine NT, Brisbane, and even some from New Zealand!  
CPAS students and staff were key to the celebrations. Katelyn Tsipiras was in charge of Space School which saw hundreds of kids per day for all sorts of science-filled activities. Katelyn and her team developed and ran a number of activities that even got our guests from NASA engaged and impressed.  Her team included a number of CPAS students including Brooke Mills, Staci Pearlman, Sarah-Jayne Robinson, Deanna Catto, Luke Hillsley, and Abhishek Kumar.
Dr Graham Walker designed a new space-themed rocket show that wowed the audience outdoors.  As always, he got rave reviews and impressed the crowds.
Katelyn also designed and ran Space Trivia on Friday night that even stumped Brian Schmidt and the NASA visitors, and Brooke Mills ran a series of short talks on Saturday that saw hundreds of people per talk and people already asking us to run it again!
Thanks to all the CPASians who made it a huge success!

From Dr Brad Tucker