Interactive exhibits to communicate determinants of health

Publication date
Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Engaging public audiences with population health science necessarily requires a society level perspective; however, many existing communication strategies and programs tend to focus at the individual level.

This paper describes a novel approach to engaging community members with the social determinants of health outcomes using an interactive exhibit within a science centre. The exhibit was capable of supporting understanding about social determinants of health in adults and children under the age of 15 within an average three-minute interaction.

The presence of a facilitator who guided and supported discussions about the exhibit and its concepts with the visitors was also key to sustaining visitor engagement.

These exploratory findings suggest the use of informal learning settings, such as science centres and museums, may provide a means to communicate population health and improve discourse about public health policy.

Read the full article by Ellen Phiddian, Jacqui Hoepner and Merryn McKinnon in Critical Public Health