Have you watched Orphan Black?

Publication date
Tuesday, 11 Jun 2019

The way that entertainment television can potentially act as a science communication tool has not yet been fully explored or determined. Before we get there, research needs to be done in how entertainment television influences audiences perception of science and scientists. This specific project, by Bachelor of Philosophy student Jodie Smith, is an in-depth study into the TV Show Orphan Black and its influence upon audience members in relation to their perception of science and scientists. 

Have you watched Orphan Black and are older than 18? Please take some time out of your day to respond to this survey. It does not matter if you have not watched all seasons of the show, we are looking for any of your thoughts or opinions! The survey consists of a mixture of multiple choice and open ended questions. In total there are 17 questions, followed by 9 quick demographic information questions. You can take part completely anonymously or you have the option to leave your contact details to receive more information regarding the project and potentially become part of a follow-up focus-group / interview.

Link to the survey: https://forms.gle/XscdykL9WcVpneCA8


If you have any questions or would like any further information please direct them to: OrphanBlackProject2019@gmail.com