A Crisis of Expertise?

A Crisis of Expertise? conference
17 February 2018

A number of CPAS academics travelled to Melbourne on the 15th and 16th of February for the University of Melbourne School of Government's conference A Crisis of Expertise?

"Wendy Russell identifies the values at work in citizen deliberation processes (e.g. citizen juries). She suggests that integrity, humility, generosity & vulnerability have the potential to transform democratic participation in a post-truth age #crisisofexpertise"

— Kiran Pienaar (@KiranPienaar) February 15, 2018

Dr Wendy Russell presented "Crisis of discourse? Citizen deliberation as an intervention to bring needed virtues into practice" in a themed session on the politics and discourses of expertise. Ruth O'Connor presented "How expert knowledge is valued and communicated in the natural resource management sector" in a session centred on public institutions and social imaginaries in knowledge production.

""What knowledge counts when making policy?" w/ @RDNS_TAI Gordon de Brouwer, @ArabenaKerry & @JoanLeachCPAS at #crisisofexpertise @Government_UoM pic.twitter.com/GMIknzzpkC"

— sam vilkins (@samvilkins) February 15, 2018

Professor Joan Leach was an invited panellist on the topic of "What knowledge counts when making policy?", discussing the overlapping pressures to communicate expertise in different ways. 

".@JoanLeachCPAS Anyone can provide facts, but experts provide judgement which is crucial to situate the facts in context #crisisofexpertise"

— Megan Evans (@megcevans) February 15, 2018

The papers at the conference were recorded and will be available from the University of Melbourne School of Government. You can view the program online