CPAS wins ANU Outreach Award for Contribution to the Community

8 December 2016

CPAS has been awarded the 2016 ANU Outreach Award for Contribution to the Community.

The commemorative glass trophy, pictured here, was presented to Director Joan Leach and Deputy Director Rod Lamberts at the ANU Media Outreach Awards on 7 December 2016.

In congratulating CPAS on the award, Professor Leach said, "The citation specifically mentioned the Alan Alda visit and the memorable day he spent at ANU opening our new premises, doing a workshop, and giving a rather amazing public lecture in Llewellyn Hall.

"Of course, none of that would have happened if Professor Sue Stocklmayer hadn’t reached out to the Alda Centre as they were forming and let them know about our ongoing work. It wouldn’t have happened if Will Grant hadn’t gone to Stony Brook University in New York and developed the relationship further.

"So, congratulations to CPAS and thank you, colleagues, for all that you do in community outreach. I’d like to extend the citation of this award (I know I’m not supposed to do that, but here goes anyway…): 'For CPAS students, academics, and researchers who make continuous contributions through outreach…every day and sometimes without the involvement of famous people.'"

This is the second year in a row that CPAS's outreach activities have been recognised with a high level ANU award, after six CPAS staff members were awarded the Vice-Chancellor's Award for Public Policy and Outreach in 2015.