Communicating Science: A Global Perspective hits 10,000+ downloads

13 October 2020

The book Communicating Science. A Global Perspective has just set a record at ANU Press.

As of last Tuesday morning, there were 10,617 downloads.

And this according to Emily Tinker at ANU Press, is "definitely a record for us for downloads in the first month.” And it’s only 3 weeks in.

This collection charts the emergence of modern science communication across the world. This is the first volume to map investment around the globe in science centres, university courses and research, publications and conferences as well as tell the national stories of science communication.

Communicating Science describes the pathways followed by 39 different countries. All continents and many cultures are represented. For some countries, this is the first time that their science communication story has been told.

The launch event, with the PCST network last month, was a wonderful mix of accents from the US, Kenya, Pakistan, Russia and Australia.  Over 200 people attended the event.

Five authors representing different regions and cultures spoke at the launch.  The authors' panel was: Brooke Smith, Margaret Kaseje, Manzoor Hussain Soomro, Alexandra Borissova and Toss Gascoigne.  Joan Leach chaired. The session was recorded and has been posted to the PCST YouTube channel.

You can download Communicating Science for free at ANU Press