Canberra Women of Science and Art

Publication date
Tuesday, 11 Aug 2020
Cbr Women SciArt 1920_TEXT-03.jpg

Master of Science Communication Outreach student Renee Arringer and Clare Harris of Innovate Communicate are organising a Canberra Women of Science and Art event for National Science Week.

Meet a diverse group of Canberra women working in or inspired by science, tech, engineering, art and maths (STEAM). These interesting people have written books; invented a robot; created new technology to tell ancient, indigenous Australian stories; taught children how to investigate and draw nature; pushed for action on climate change…

We are encouraging Canberra families and young people to develop a creative interpretation responding to the stories you hear and the women who share them. You can create anything — from art, stories/poems, videos, animations, to comedy and beyond! No limits (you’ll just need to be able to send it or a photo/video of it electronically).

Find out more and register for our webinars: