Adam Huttner-Koros and Sean Perera: How Anglophone science culture hinders science communication

Publication date
Tuesday, 22 Nov 2016

CPAS researchers Adam Huttner-Koros and Sean Perera have published a new paper in the Journal of Science Communication which explores the professional self-perceptions of CSIRO scientists from language backgrounds other than English.

The study investigates the scientists' professional identities and how they are connected to having a language background other than English. It looks at the challenges they face in an English-speaking scientific environment, where linguistic hegemony can control scientific participation and the input of non-Anglo ideas.

As a preliminary exploration, the study paves the way for further research in this dynamic and evolving space of cross-cultural science communication.

The first author and primary researcher Adam Huttner-Koros led this study when enrolled in the SCOM3003 Science Communication Research Project course as an undergraduate student. He was supervised by Dr Sean Perera.

"Looking at science and how it works from different cultural and linguistic perspectives is key to understanding its global role," said Mr Huttner-Koros.

Mr Huttner-Koros earlier published an article on this topic in The Atlantic - read it now!