What have lasers ever done for me?

This Friday, Professor Hans Bachor and Questacon’s Patrick Healan light up your afternoon with an intriguing science show / lecture demonstration.

If you’ve not seen these two take the stage together before – and even if you have – there is nothing quite like an eminent quantum optics researcher (and deft science communicator) teaming up with one of Questacon’s theatrically nimble Excited Particles and playing with high powered lasers!

Join us for a dramatic exploration of the many ways Einstein’s idea of stimulated emission has developed and the impact it has on our daily lives! Where did lasers come from? How have lasers gone from being “losers” to being a multi-billion dollar industry?

Today, lasers are everywhere: in factories and hospitals, at home, up in space and in the ground powering the internet. What might lasers do for us in the future?

This talk will combine fun demonstrations about the invention of the laser and explain how lasers work and how they improve our lives.

All welcome!