A 3d wave of pink and blue colours with the words in the centre of the screen reads Uncharted Territory, 7-16 July 2023

Street Art, Science & Engagement – Public Symposium

Science and pop culture are two of the most powerful cultural institutions that we have created to understand, shape and envision our world.

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8 Jul 2023 2:00pm - 8 Jul 2023 3:30pm
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Free for all!

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Street art mural with the words Street Art, Science & Engagement and 8 July.

Street art is visual art in public spaces — public art — created for public visibility. Street art addresses a huge and highly diverse audience: everyone in a city. In this public symposium, we will discuss to what extent science-inspired street art can be considered a means of science communication, what strategies street artists use to communicate their ideas through large-scale murals, and how street art can be understood as a vehicle for creative grassroots environmental communication. Street art is unique in that it is both a producer of public knowledge and a participant within the environmental discourse, as it represents knowledge of environment but also reflects the public’s perception of this knowledge. Together with exciting guest speakers, we will introduce you to ANU's multifaceted and innovative research and learning activities at the intersections of street art and science communication, and also celebrate the launch of the street art episode of ANU's Sci_Burst podcast – a podcast that explores the cultural power of science! 

Blake Thompson’s passion lies in discovering how science connects with everything in the world, and he explores this through his studies in Science Communication, Chemistry, Japanese/Asian Studies, and Media. At the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science (CPAS) of the Australian National University, Blake’s current research is focusing on street art and how it acts as a vehicle for communication about our environment. 

Isabel Richards is a science communication graduate and research officer at the Australian National University’s School of Cybernetics. She studies science in popular fiction, the cultural meanings of science and the relationships between humans, the environment and emerging technologies. Isabel is co-host of Sci_Burst, a science communication podcast about science, popular culture and entertainment. 

Ella McCarthy recently graduated with a double Bachelor of Arts/Science with majors in Science Communication, Biological Anthropology, English and Digital Humanities. She co-Hosts the podcast Sci_Burst, with her Science Communication bestie Isabel. Sci_Burst is your audio destination for all things science, popular culture, and entertainment! 

Dr Dan Santos is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science. Broadly, he is interested in exploring speculative futures, especially with respect to biotechnologies, in both popular culture and contemporary and emerging scientific fields. Specific topics have included innovation, public engagement and openness in science in synthetic biology and stem cell research. 

Dr Anna-Sophie Jürgens is a Lecturer in Popular Entertainment Studies at the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science and the Head of the Popsicule – ANU’s Science in Popular Culture and Entertainment Hub. Her research explores the cultural meanings of science.


Di Riddell Student Centre (ANU Building 154) 
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