Science. Art. Film Series 1 - Mars Attacks!

Science. Art. Film Series 1 - MARS ATTACKS! Mars Attacks movie cover photo, image of an alien and a human


Series #1 of 4
Film screening and discussion

Thursday 18 August, 6pm
Arc Cinema, NFSA
Book in person or online at NFSA (<-- click the hyperlink)

Discussion topic: Far out! Comic Science from Outer Space
Have you always wondered what an alien scientist looks like and what their science might be? An astronomer and a pop culture scholar interested in the cultural meanings of science will introduce you to the spaced-out science from outer space in Tim Burton's Mars Attacks! The discussion following the film will look at the popular image of science in space cinema, our cultural fascination with clowns and scientists in space stories, and why it matters to study all this.

Speakers: Dr. Anna-Sophie Jürgens and Dr Brad Tucker