CPAS Science in film series

Every month throughout the semester we will show a wacky, weird and wonderful film that revolves around science in a way that will leave you wonderstruck. Dr Anna-Sophie Jürgens (and guest speakers/scientists from the ANU) will start with an introduction exploring the science theme and some of the research discourses around each film (about 20min). After the screening we will open the floor so we can all discuss it together. Come along, bring a cushion, a bean bag or a yoga mat (or whatever is comfy to slouch on) and let's explore the many exciting facets of science in popular entertainment!


1 April:

Joker (2019, dir. Todd Phillips) - for more information and rating see 'Programme' (PDF)


29 April:

Jurassic Park (1993, dir. Steven Spielberg) - for more information and rating see 'Programme' (PDF)

14 May:

SPECIAL SCREENING! - with Dr Ksenia Gnevsheva (Linguistics, ANU)

Arrival (2016, dir. Denis Villeneuve) - 

In her introduction, Dr Gnevsheva will discuss the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis (the idea that the language(s) we speak shapes our cognition), language documentation and how linguists go about working with unknown languages.

NOTE: This film has a M rating in Australia for 'Mature themes and coarse language' (check out the rating here).

27 May:

Antiviral (2012, dir. Brandon Cronenberg) - for more information and rating see 'Programme' (PDF)


18 June:

Re-Animator (1985, dir. Stuart Gordon) - PLEASE STUDY THE RATING OF THIS FILM in 'Programme' (PDF)

NOTE: Check out the screening information and ratings here if you are in doubt about whether the films are for you!



Depending on your enthusiasm for this film screening experiment, we will intellectually explore and voyeuristically enjoy the following themes (among others) in Semester 2:


Sex and Science in Battlestar Galactica

Swamps and Science in the ‘Swamp Thing’ films

‘Science Idiots’ in Pacific Rim

Alien Science in Mars Attacks

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