Communicating about Precision Medicine Futures

Presented by The Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science

Precision Medicine promises to be a revolutionary new area of medicine, with potential to transform health care.

The Australian Government has made a large investment in this field through the Genomics Health Futures Mission. But what are the different paths that Precision Medicine could take? What choices are to be made? How might they change health systems and health outcomes? Who will be affected and how? and Who decides?

Join us and a panel of experts and commentators as we consider how choices and decisions about Precision Medicine futures should be made, and how people whose lives will be affected should be informed and involved.


  • MC: Associate Professor Sujatha Raman, Director of Research, Centre for the Public Awareness of Science (CPAS)
  • Professor Catriona McLean, Professor & Head, Anatomical Pathology, AlfredHealth
  • Associate Professor Matthew Kearnes, Environmental Humanities, UNSW
  • Ms Erica Kneipp, Assistant Secretary, Office of Health and Medical Research, Commonwealth Department of Health
  • Professor Simon Easteal, Director, National Centre for Indigenous Genomics
  • Mr Greg Pratt, Manager, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Research program, Queensland Institute for Medical Research
  • Dr Jane Desborough, Research School of Population Health, ANU
  • Professor Bob Williamson, Data61, Research School of Computer Science, ANU
  • Facilitator: Dr Wendy Russell, CPAS & Double Arrow Consulting