Book Launch & SPICE Hub Launch with Sci-Fi Theremin Jukebox Performance

Join our Double Launch Lunch Event on Zoom for Circus, Science & Technology: Dramatising Innovation (Palgrave Macmillan, 2020), an edited collection exploring circus as a site in and through which science and technology are represented in popular culture, and for the SPICE Hub – the new Science Popularisation in Culture and Entertainment Hub of the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science. 

Popular culture has always been intertwined with the cutting edge of science and technology. It is a versatile frame for interpreting our relationship with technological and scientific advancement. This event brings together the forces interested in popular culture at CPAS and introduces their research interests and vision.

Speakers will include authors of the Circus, Science & Technology book, the editor and Professor Will Christie (Humanities Research Centre), as well as Dr Lindy Orthia and Dr Brad Tucker (CPAS).

And since there is hardly an instrument that embodies the connection between pop culture, art and science and technology better than the Theremin, as part of this virtual Double Launch Event CPAS proudly presents a

Sci-Fi Theremin Jukebox Performance

by Kit Devine (School of Art and Design), Charles Martin (Research School of Computer Science) and Alexander Hunter (School of Music)

This event is part of the CPAS Zoomposium on “Performance, Science & Technology"