The following is a list CPAS publications for the last 10 years. For older publications please visit the archive page.


Popular media

Selected media coverage

  • Cerabona, R. (2011). Looking for a big bang. The Canberra Times, ‘Panorama’, 12 November, 15-16.
  • Ibo, R. (2011). Harnessing the power of fiction to teach science. Chemistry in Australia, March, 43.


Refereed journal papers

  • Grant, W.J.Moon, B.R., & Busby Grant, J. (2010). Digital Dialogue? Australian Politicians' use of the Social Network Tool TwitterAustralian Journal of Political Science 45(4): 579-604.
  • Orthia, L.A. (2010). “Sociopathetic abscess” or “yawning chasm”? The absent postcolonial transition in Doctor Who. Journal of Commonwealth Literature, 45: 207-225.
  • Rifkin, W., Longnecker, N., Leach, J., Davis, L., & Orthia, L. (2010). Students publishing in new media: eight hypotheses - a house of cards? International Journal of Innovation in Science and Mathematics Education, 18: 43-54.
  • Stocklmayer, S.M. (2010). Teaching direct current using a field model. International Journal of Science Education, 32,1801-1828.
  • Stocklmayer, S.M., Rennie, L.J. & Gilbert, J.K. (2010). The roles of the formal and informal sectors in the provision of effective science education. Studies in Science Education, 46, 1-44.

Refereed conference papers

  • Rennie, L., Stocklmayer, S., & Gilbert, J. (2010, July). Collaboration, communication and complementarity: Improving science education. Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the Australasian Science Education Research Association, Port Stephens.

Conference presentations

  • Orthia, L.A. (2010, September). The ginger temp’s deficient brain: Doctor Who and public engagement with science. Aussiecon4: 68th World Science Fiction Convention, Melbourne, September 2-6 2010.
  • Orthia, L.A. (2010, September). “Paradise is a little too green for me”: Discourses of environmental disaster in Doctor Who, 1963-present. Changing the Climate: Utopia, Dystopia and Catastrophe, Monash University, Melbourne, August 30-September 1 2010.
  • Perera, S. (2010, February). Science Communication: Holding knowledge-constructs together. Australian Science Communicators National Conference, Canberra, February 2010.
  • Yardley, C.B. (2010, February). A study of the use of electronic road signs during 2008 in the Australian Capital Territory: Are road users seeing the message and is it changing their behaviours of water use? Australian Science Communicators National Conference, Canberra, February 2010.


Book chapters

  • Bryant, C. (2009). A History of Parasitology at The Australian National University. In Beveridge, I. & O’Donoghue, P.J. (Eds). A History of Parasitology in Australia and Papua New Guinea. Victoria: Raw Publishing, pp. 218-233.
  • Bryant, C. (2009). A History of the Australian Society for Parasitology. In Beveridge, I. & O’Donoghue, P.J. (Eds). A History of Parasitology in Australia and Papua New Guinea. Victoria: Raw Publishing, pp. 419-437.
  • Bryant, C. (2009). Between Animals: Thoughts of a Member of the Biota. (A response to David Horton). In Art, Science and the Environment. Crawley: University of Western Australia Press, pp. 83-91.


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