Dr Will Grant

Graduate Studies Convenor
Physics Link Building 38a, Science Road
+61 2 6125 0241



Dr Will J Grant is Lecturer, Researcher and Graduate Studies Convener at CPAS.

Will's research and writing has focused on the intersection of society, politics and science, and how the relationships between these are changing with new technologies.


Research interests

Will's current research interests include a focus on the relationship between science and public policy, an investigation of science communication in social media, and an examination of the spatial practices in modern science communication.


SCOPE Sustainable Science Outreach Grants, 2010. ‘Long Conversations: A proposal for a Listening based Communication Project with Climate Scientists and Communicators in Regional and Remote Australia’ 


Supervisory Chair




Recent Writing

  • Grant, Will J and Rod Lamberts. ‘Scientists and politicians – the same but different?’. The Conversation 18 Nov 2011.
  • Wilson, Penny and Will J Grant. ‘Has the use-by date gone past its prime’. The Conversation 15 Nov 2011.
  • Grant, Will J. 2011. ‘Only the lonely buck the climate consensus’. The Drum 7 Nov 2011.
  • Grant, Will J and Lamberts, Rod. 2011. ‘Who’s afraid of big, bad coal? Al Gore’s ‘climate reality’ is a pointless fairytale'. The Conversation. Reposted at Climate Spectator
  • Grant, Will J. 2011. Will Steffen: phoney debate is over, now for the carbon policy’. The Conversation.
  • Grant, Will J and Lamberts, Rod. 2011. ‘Don’t preach to the converted on carbon tax: it’s the money vote that matters’. The Conversation, reposted at ABC Environment
  • Lamberts, Rod and Grant, Will J. 2011. ‘Brand Science is dead, and it’s time to break up the company’ The Conversation, reposted at The Drum 17 May 2011, Science Alert and Scientific Computing
  • Grant, Will J and Lamberts, Rod. 2011. ‘Ian Chubb will be a chief scientist hard to ignore’ The Drum
  • Lamberts, Rod and Grant, Will J. 2011. ‘Gentlemen’s rules are out, scientists: it’s time to unleash the beast’. The Conversation
  • Lamberts, Rod and Grant, Will J. 2011. ‘The Government’s war on science: deliberate attack, or abuse by neglect?’ The Conversation
  • Lamberts, Rod, Grant, Will J and Martin, Aaron. 2010. ‘Public opinion about science’. ANUPoll 8, December 2010. 
  • Grant, Will J, Moon, Brenda and Busby Grant, Janie. 2010. ‘Digital Dialogue? Australian Politicians’ use of the Social Network Tool Twitter’. Australian Journal of Political Science 45(4)
  • Grant, Will J. 2007. A Certain India: An enquiry into a claim to national territory. Phd thesis, School of Political Science and International Studies, The University of Queensland. (pdf, 25 Mb).
  • Grant, Will J 2005. ‘The Space of the Nation: An Examination of the Spatial Productions of Hindu Nationalism’, in Nationalism and Ethnic Politics, 11(3): 321-347.



  • Expert Committee on Developing an Evidence Base for Science Engagement in Australia – Expert Working Group (University Research) 2010.

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