A Deliberation on the Future of Non-Embryo [Adult] Human Gene Therapy in Australia

At a time where gener-editing tools and technology are becoming more efficient and cheaper, human gene therapy has never been more readily available to the public. It is therefor crucial to understand the pubic's attitudes surrounding this in order to better align our regulations and policy with what Australian citizens deem acceptable. The project will be split inot three main parts; stakeholder interviews run in conjunction with a national survey to determine public attitudes towards human gene therapy. This will be followed by an expert Group Delphi event, finally culminating in Australia's first citizen consensus conference on gene therapy. This research will allow citizens, in collaboration with stakeholders and experts in the field of human gene therapy and gene technology to feel better represented in the debate to decide what policy and regulations should be implemented for human gene therapy. In addition, it is expected the results of this project will provide context and guidance on how to engage with the publci to those working in human gene therapy policy, regulations and communications areas.