Intensive: Strategies in science communication

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To be delivered online and in-person. $1650 per person, intensive five-day course.

Effectively communicating scientific information requires strategic thinking and carefully planned tactics. 

Strategies in science communication is an ANU accredited short course specifically designed to equip science communicators with the professional skills needed to do this well.

We will guide you through the process of developing a well-targeted communication strategy and a supporting action plan that is cost-effective and timely. This course has a strong emphasis on combining the latest communication theory and current industry best practice, and the major project component is based on fieldwork and evaluation of real-life science communication strategies.

Topics include the development of a communication strategy, defining communication outcomes, segmenting your audience appropriately and defining desired relationships with stakeholders. These skills in strategy development and tactical planning will help you whether you work for a large organisation or just need to communicate complex information with limited resources. 

This short, five-day intensive course will run from Monday, 12 September to Friday, 16 September 2022 both in person at the ANU Australian Centre for the Public Awareness of Science and online via Zoom. 

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Note: This short course cannot be taken for credit towards an ANU degree. A concurrent for-credit version of the course is available here for postgraduates and here for undergraduates.

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Facilitated by Lawrie Kirk and Matt Nurse