Intensive: Science Communication Project Design and Delivery

Side view of a women's face and hair where a purple, blue, and white galaxy is overlaid onto of the head.

Science communication and outreach programs employ a range of methods to engage audiences, deliver impact and communicate science. From capacity building programs in the developing world to science puppet shows for early learners, science communicators employ different methods, often to better engage with underserviced audiences, create impact and social change, and explore topics in more intriguing ways.

As part of this, they need to be skilled at conceiving ideas, logistics and program planning, ‘selling’ their ideas and securing funding, running events and evaluating their success. In this course, you’ll come up with a novel program idea, trial it, and report on your trial. This course is about creating your own original science communication project.

It represents an authentic opportunity to develop real-world skills that allow your ideas to become realities. As you’ll discover in your future science communication or other careers, if you want to pursue your passions, your goals and your ideas, skills to develop them and just as importantly get them funded are critical.

Note: If you are an ANU student wanting to take this course for credit, please see  here for postgraduates and here for undergraduates.